Sunday, November 24, 2013

Preschool Corner, Week 13

November 18-22

This week was a harder week for our little Preschool Corner.  Rock didn't even seem super interested in his workbooks, so we took a little break from them and mostly played.  Rock did finish reading set 2 of the Bob books on Monday, but spent the entire week working on rereading them (he didn't finish until Saturday--when he also blasted through the first two of the Kindergarten Sight Words set, reading so fluidly, I almost couldn't believe it).

A laid-back week, we did a couple fun turkey crafts and then spent our time playing grocery shopping in the kitchen cupboards or Memory.

Things I feel good about this week:
--Rock is getting so good at reading. I know I say that all the time, but it's so true.  He's always improving, even when it seems like we've taken a longer break than we should (going two days or more without him reading anything at all)
--Taking a step back was good for us.  Rock seems to be either all or nothing when it comes to learning, which is fine for right now.  I feel like, as long we even just work for five minutes, we are doing just fine.  One week, we'll work on workbooks for two hours a day, and then we'll struggle through one page a day the next.

Goals for next week:
--Try to do some numbers games and workbooks, maybe get interested in math
--Keep plugging away at the Bob books.
--Have more crafts and fun art time

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